Friday, 20 September 2013

A TEACHER’S POINT OF VIEW - Newsletter for Parents...

You may have gone through school years with a love and hate relationship with mathematics. You would have hated it for all the formula that you had to memorize  or having to decode letters in equations in the name of algebra or for having to deal with a simple case of miscalculation which affected your entire problem sum. But you would have also loved it when you feel that excitement of solving an equation or a problem sum.

Now years later, as a parent of preschoolers, you might be in a loss thinking how your children are going to react towards Math and how you are going to help them  acquire mathematical knowledge. Fear not, as there are guides available that are produced and used by schools and Ministry of Education.

An example: Principles and standards for school mathematics (NCTM, 2000) provides guidance on what is to be taught.

Some of you might be wondering, “I know what my child is learning and now, I wish to be part of his/her learning as well. But I am not a teacher, so HOW CAN I TEACH MY CHILD?”

As stated in the Elementary and Middle School Mathematics, (2013, p. 9), “...Families’ and teachers’ attitudes towards mathematics may do enhance or detract from students’ ability to maths.”

The first step that you have to take is to embrace Mathematics. Destroy the hate in you towards Mathematics and by showing liking towards it, there will be a positive  impact on your child.

The second step that you will take is to understand that in this 21st century, the answers do not matter as much as the process your child takes in learning maths. They are no longer in a traditional classroom where it is all about textbooks, workbooks, memorizing  drilling or copying. “Do as I do” is ineffective. Engage them in doing mathematics that permits them to: 

When we understand and teach Mathematics according to the constructivism and sociocultural theories, which allows children to use their own knowledge and experience to solve Maths problems, we will be soon phasing out generations that say, “I cannot do Maths! It’s too hard!”

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