Saturday, 5 October 2013

And we end off with Salute...

A game that can be enjoyed by various age groups: Salute

With three or more players, this game uses the playing cards (only digits). One team member (A) is chosen to say salute, and when the word is mentioned, the remaining two players will place one card each on their forehead.

*PS: They cannot look at their own cards.

Then (A) would multiply the two numbers and say it out loud. The remaining two players would have to guess the numbers on their forehead.

Now, why did i mention that this game can be played by various age groups as it involves multiplication? 

  • You can switch multiplication to addition or subtraction (For the younger children aged 5 or 6 onwards)
  • You can include more players in the game, which makes it much more challenging

So go ahead and have fun playing Salute :)

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